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CNELS Fire Fighting Training School

posted Jul 31, 2012, 3:20 PM by The Nakoa Companies, Inc
The Center for Naval Engineering Learning Site at Naval Station Pearl Harbor is a facility built in the
1970s as a Fire Fighting Training School. Due to the obsolescence of the existing hardware and software configurations, an upgrade to the facilities control system along with new fire fighting equipment was necessary.

A computer scenario driven propane fuel system within the facility was designed.  This project involved the conversion of JP-5 Jet Fuel with manual ignition to Propane based fuel (computer ignited) to provide a more realistic fire fighting scenario. 

Ship and aircraft mockups add to the realism of the training facility.                                                               

NAKOA installed upgrades to the facility including high capacity ventilation exhaust systems, Propane fuel lines including pipe support bridges, Hazardous Material abatement, demolition of selected equipment, installation of bar grating platforms, Electrical Upgrades and other ancillary work.