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Red Hill Oil Tight Door Installation

posted Jul 31, 2012, 4:00 PM by The Nakoa Companies, Inc
The Red Hill Fuel Storage Facility desired improved access to four tanks in the lower access tunnel while concerned over the possible breach of one of the fuel storage tanks and the possible environmental impact would result. 

The solution involved the development of a specially designed doorway for access.  The project involved the demolition of a 5' thick concrete bulkhead to install a Steel, Oil-tight door capable of withstanding a possible tank rupture and subsequent release of fuel from one of the tanks. 

Due to the capacity of the existing elevators and the weight of the door, a special railcar was modified to transport the door to its designed location.  Special rigging was necessary to install the door.   Epoxy Anchoring devices secured the heavy duty door frame to the reinforced concrete door portal. 

Strict testing was necessary to provide assurance that the installed door met the stringent design criteria.