Specialty Projects

If you have a project that seems to be impossible to be done, come talk to us here at the Nakoa Co. Our speciality is not only to build the simplest of plans, but to complete the toughest projects that needs our “our of the box” thinking to get the job done. Our job sites are all though out the pacific rim, including the mainland US, Johnson Atoll, Guam and of course all our Hawaiian Island chain.

The NAKOA Companies, Inc. considers Specialty Construction Services its Key Capability since it enjoys challenging projects, taps its ingenuity and resourcefulness, and exploits its  innovative talents. Since its early history NAKOA has always been involved in unusual, un-normal projects that most contractors shy away from.

In 1999, The NAKOA Companies, Inc. was awarded a $.5 Million contract to demolish several communication towers in the Naval Depot at Lualualei in West Oahu.  Three towers were over 300’ tall and required explosives to shoot out one leg to topple the towers.  NAKOA hired the famous Controlled Demolition—specialists in “Implosive Demolition”.  After precautions for managing loose and flaky lead chips, the towers were shot safely and fell in its pre-determined spot on the ground where drop cloths were positioned to collect the waste chips.

In 2001, NAKOA was awarded a contract to install a “blast-proof, Oil tight”, 3 ton door in the red Hill Fuel Storage Facility.  The door was to be placed in a 3’ thick concrete bulkhead located between their .5 million gallon fuel tanks.  The door had to be transported on a railcar and positioned to clear doorways and other low clearance obstacles. The door was transported and positioned safely using specially designed hoists and rigging. 

In 2005, The NAKOA Companies, Inc. was contracted by General Dynamics, Electric Boat to remove a Steel Gantry Crane that towered about the Naval Submarine Training School on Ford Island.  The 80’ high gantry had been used for decades to lower mock missiles in launch tubes in the school facility.  After removing loose and flaky lead paint, the 70 ton gantry was lowered in three separate pieces by a 200 ton hydraulic crane.  NAKOA received an award from the Navy for accomplishing this work safely with no impacts on the facility users.